Can You Guess the AG Movie Based off of the First Line?

Hello! It's Emma! ♡ If you're an AG lover, chances are, you've seen an AG movie. Rather it be Lea to the Rescue or Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front, you've probably seen your favorite a thousand times, but do you have the skills for this quiz? Here's how it works: I will put the... Continue Reading →

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My Favorite Juniperilly Customs!

Hello, guys! Today, I'm going to be showing you some of my favorite Juniperilly customs (all of the doll photos belong to Juniperilly)! If you didn't know, Juniperilly (Lily) is an AGIGer who is a creator and buyer of custom dolls. I don't have any social media, but I've seen her dolls before and they're... Continue Reading →

Life is Full Of Surprises!

Hello! It's Emma! ♡ I have few updates, tags and surprises to show you, so let's get started! #1: Tenney, Logan, Gabriela and Z are retiring?! You may or may not have heard it yet, but Tenney, Logan, Gabriela and Z will all be retiring on December 31, 2018. I'm glad Tenney is retiring because I believe she stole... Continue Reading →

Alanna and the Angel Oak + Updates

As you can tell, I love her dress! I love the designs on the tree stump. 🙂 Even though there's a hand holding her up, I think the photo is still alluring! ♡ Hello! I hope you enjoyed the photoshoot! It was taken at a very pretty location that I've never been to before. ♡ Anyway, I have... Continue Reading →

I’m So Happy! An Etsy Review

Hello! It's Emma! Recently, my mom got something off of Etsy (Thank you ♡) for me because I worked hard on something and earned it. I've never gotten anything off of Etsy before, so I'm super excited! The things I got were from SewCuteDolly. She makes great quality doll clothes for very cheap and fast shipping.... Continue Reading →

Star-Spangled Dollies

Happy 4th of July everyone! ♡ Even though it's raining outside today, that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate the 4th of July or Independence Day! To start off, we tried to all dress in red, white and blue. Here's Ellie's outfit: Here's Laura's outfit: Here's Amelia's outfit: Who's outfit it your favorite? Next, we... Continue Reading →

A Relaxation Day

Hello! It's Ellie! ♡ Every once in a while, we need a relaxation day...a day where you can just let go of all your problems and just relax. So today, I'm going to tell you about some things I do to relax. 🙂 #1: Candles Candles are known for their beauty and calming scents. The scents can... Continue Reading →

❀ Mellie in Spring ❀

Hello, guys! It's Emma! Today, I did a photoshoot with Amelia, which I haven't had a post for her in awhile. I hope you guys enjoy! ♡ "Life is the flower for which love is the honey." ~Victor Hugo Fun Fact: Even though it's bright and sunny in these pictures, right now as I'm typing this,... Continue Reading →

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