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The Best Release AG has had in a Long Time…

Mellie in Spring

Hello, friends! If you aren’t aware, today AG had it’s annual summer release and I thought it was awesome! I think their creativity with the new items was high and the quality looked like it increased too! So today, I’m going to be talking about a few of my most favorite items from the release! ♡

Item #1:


I think this set is really cute and unique! If you’ve seen agoverseasfan’s latest video, it shows that the Xbox is also a projector and can project game slides it comes with! I also love the realistic gaming chair and headphones!

Item #2:


Even though 75$ is expensive, I think this item is worth the money! This game table can turn into three games: foosball, ping-pong, and air hockey, which is super cool! I also think this would be an adorable prop in many pictures and videos!

Item #3:


I’m so happy that the boy dolls have more clothes! Even though I don’t have a boy doll, I think it’s cool that AG released boy dolls and more clothes. It shows that even boys can play with dolls too, which is nice!

Item #4:


I love sushi and now my dolls could possibly enjoy some too! This is an interesting food set from AG especially because they usually make only breakfast foods and pizza sets (which they did actually make).

Item #5:


Even though I don’t do cheer, I’ve seen girls with Nfinity bags, so this tells me that this item is realistic! I also love the bows and water bottle too! 🙂

Item #6 and #7:

If you didn’t know, Rebecca and Nanea are my favorite girls that AG sells! Without explanation, you can tell why these items are on the list. Rebecca’s dress looks really elegant on her and Nanea’s dress is super bright and bubbly! (On a side note, Kit’s overalls are really cute!)

Item #9:


This set is adorable! I love the cotton candy, and it looks really “fluffy” and detailed! Yum! 🙂

Item #10:


I don’t have a bitty baby, but I think this set deserves a mention. Most of us probably have had a smash cake once in our lives (especially when we were little), which is why I think this set is adorable!  Additionally, I love the little “1” candle on the stack of doughnuts!

Item #11:


And finally…we have the volcano set! I love how detailed all of the accessories are, but the real reason why I love this set is because of the pamphlet it gives for older girls to do! It shows you how to make your own volcano erupt, which is a cool experiment to do in the summer when you’re bored! 🙂

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoyed this post! What was your favorite item from the release? We’d love to know! ♡ See you later!

~Emma ♡

All photo credits go to American Girl!


❀ Mellie in Spring ❀

Mellie in Spring

Hello, guys! It’s Emma! Today, I did a photoshoot with Amelia, which I haven’t had a post for her in awhile. I hope you guys enjoy! ♡


“Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”
~Victor Hugo



Fun Fact: Even though it’s bright and sunny in these pictures, right now as I’m typing this, it’s thunderstorming!



This one’s my favorite! ↑

Once again, I hope you guys enjoyed this photoshoot! ♡ Also, if you guys are wondering, I deleted the short post I made yesterday because shortly after, I found a suitable and lovely theme I like! You guys can check it out if you want! ♡ What’s your favorite photo? We’d love to know! ♡ See you later!

~Emma ♡